Karla Rodriguez goes to the land of the ducks

By Madison Lietz

Next year, people who know Karla Rodriguez, might hear her say “quack quack” because she plans to go to the University of Oregon in the fall for their STEM program.

Rodriguez is a six-year-AVID-student, who will be leaving McNary this year, as she goes on to start a new chapter in her life. She wants to go to the University of Oregon for at least a year to receive her prerequisites. Rodriguez plans to major in biochemistry with a minor in Latinx Studies. 

“Biochemistry is a big interest for me, and minoring in Latinx Studies and learning more about my community is really exciting for me. I’m excited to start a new path in my life.” Said senior Rodriguez.

When applying to colleges, thinking of what to write can be a struggle. Using resources and reaching out for help can aid in this process. Mrs. Conolly in the College and Career Center has been a “huge help” to Rodriguez and other students. 

“Be yourself,” said Rodriguez. “ I honestly just opened up about my experiences in life and used that as a way to show my resilience and all I’ve overcome the past years.” 

Rodriguez’s six years in the AVID program has helped her prepare for this moment. AVID has helped her get an idea on what path to take, and what she wants to do in the future. Rodriguez advises Juniors to start thinking about what colleges they want to apply to, and start to form a plan.  

While there can be many stressful moments in the college application process, there can also be many positive moments as well. 

“It's the excitement of knowing that there's more to this, and there's more coming. Excitement of knowing that I’ll start my life somewhere new.” said Senior Karla Rodriguez.