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Is Disney Club fading away?

By Matthew Hope
June 8, 2023

Yzma and Donald Duck are the least of Disney Club’s concerns right now. 

The host of Disney Club, Miss Christine Easterly, fears that this year may be Disney Club’s last. Fewer and fewer people are attending, but Disney Club is starting again next school year. “Hopefully next year we can grow and more people will try it out,” Easterly said.

Disney Club has been around since the “one club, one sport, one activity” initiative was introduced, and has been bustling with activity. Declining attendance hit Disney Club hard, and now as few as three students show up weekly. 

Moving the club meeting from after school to lunchtime didn't help bolster the ranks though, as attendance continued to decline, Easterly said. 

“Mostly it’s just me and my two friends, but sometimes other people show up,” freshmen William Bulpett said.

Even the prospect of watching movies didn’t help. Easterly said some of the movies watched were Tangled, Zootopia, The Lion King, and The Emperor’s New Groove. 

To pick the movies, Disney Club has a trivia Kahoot. Whoever wins gets a small prize and gets to pick the next movie. 

Bulpett, who has been attending ever since it moved to lunch, has won the Kahoot twice. He picked The Emperor’s New Groove. The second time he won, he let his best friend pick the last movie of the year. She picked Zootopia.