McNary graduate returns to get new recruit.

By Madi Lietz
May 10, 2022

After three years in the Marine Corp, Wayatt Wampler returns to McNary in hopes of getting some new recruits into the National Guard. 

Wampler’s current rank in the military is an E3. He went to McNary for all four years of high school and he graduated with the class of 2016. What Wampler liked most about his time at McNary, was all the teachers and the sports teams. He joined the National Guard to stay closer to home with his family here in Keizer. 

Wampler joined the military to “be a part of something bigger”. He wanted to travel the world and get experience. 

“It's a great way to see the world and meet a lot of new friends” said Wampler 

He learned various life skills from his adventure, and the military helped teach him about leadership. Wampler learned how to lead people and what it takes to be a good leader and he also gained job and time management skills. 

“The Military is a great way if you don’t really know what to do after high school. The military is a great way to get started, you can always get out after 4 years and they'll help pay for college,” Wampler said. 

Wampler encourages those who are considering the military to do research about which branch of the military you want to go into.