Ice storm takes out Salem Keizer

Elly Goad
March 18, 2021

An unexpected snow storm led to no school, no power, and no food in the Salem Keizer area.

According to Mr. Mac Lary, Director of Nutrition Services, ¨the snow storm that hit the Salem-Keizer district didn't just leave kids without school, but it also left five thousand children out of the free meals provided to them for the days with no power.¨

Mr. Scott Gragg, the assistant principal at McNary said ¨power was restored at the school on Tuesday, Feb. 16. It is still not known if the week of classes that were missed will have to be made up at any point of the rest of the school year, but the good communication between McNary staff and students made it possible to smoothly get through another one of 2021´s surprises.¨

The provided school meals for families in the community were suspended until power could be restored. The nutrition services for Salem Keizer Public schools, said that they currently provide about five thousand grab and go snack bags each day to the kids in the area. Although because of the storm those meals were suspended for a couple days. 

Lary said ¨getting  the meals going again was hard. The ice storm caused product deliveries to be cancelled for a couple days. It took time to get product deliveries to our central kitchen and then delivered out to school kitchens. The nutrition services staff stepped up and worked many hours to get prepared to provide meals to the community,¨ he said.