Hannah Ebner gets signed to Eastern Oregon University

By Sam Thomas
June 1, 2022

Hannah Ebner has been playing softball since she was 5 years old on the Keizer Little League Fields. Now, 13 years later, Ebner has just gotten signed to Eastern Oregon University to play college softball.

Ebner was recently signed to Eastern Oregon University to play for their softball team. Ebner said, ” It feels great to be signed to play football in college. I've played this sport my whole life and to see that all that hard work and dedication pay off is a great feeling and I honestly can't wait”.

Ebner is indeed related to the past Ebners who have gone to this school, like Haley Ebner who was a graduate of 2018’s class, and she is also related to Heather Ebner, who will be a 2023 graduate.

Softball has in her words, “been her entire life growing up”, so when asked what she would have done if she didn’t get signed, she wasn’t too sure about what her reaction would be. Yet, her favorite thing about softball is the teamwork that she has learned throughout her years of playing softball.

”It is also a great feeling to know that you have a whole team backing you up no matter what happens,” Ebner said.

Because Ebner has been playing softball for a very long time, her support system has increased over the years. She says that her friends and family support her by encouraging her to do her best every time once she steps onto the field, even if they all can’t be there in person. 

“There is always a ‘good luck’ text sometime throughout the day and just knowing that they are watching even if not in person is awesome” Ebner said.

Ebner says that one of her strengths is her ability to “bounce back” from any error that occurs while she is at bat, but in her words, one of her weaknesses is the fear of failure, which many might think that it's a pretty common fear.

Although she spends more time on the softball field than off, she says that she enjoys hanging out with her friends or playing sand volleyball as a hobby.