Font club, is it a font or a club?

By: Kelsey Jarnagin
November 25, 2021

The Font Club is not just an ordinary club at McNary high school, they also present musicals.

“Font Club the Musical. I'm so shocked that we raised enough money to change the font on a school bus, because the font on the school bus is Comic Sans and that's just a bad font,’’ said Brooke Proctor, a senior who is re-running for President of the font club.             

Font Club has been around since 2017 because some students had seen two different fonts on a warm-up and Mr.Shuirman saw the students interest in fonts and decided to be the advisor for a new club known as Font Club. This club is run during the 1-1-1 class period on Wednesdays.

“You like fonts so much, we should start a Font a joke,” said Mr.Shuirman the Font Club advisor.

This club has open arms for any students to have a creative outlet to express themselves. This club can go in many different directions. It is never always about fonts, but fonts are still very important to this club. This club never has the same day twice, they brainstorm in the beginning which can lead in to many ways.

“The best part is coming up with ideas and just being truly innovative, nothing else at McNary allowed me to come up with my own crazy ideas,” said Brooke Proctor.

Font club is not something you would expect to be in, but many students who have joined this club have found their people and they feel like they belong there without being judged.

“Being weird out in public is not something you have to worry about, it doesn't matter what people think of you, just go for it,” said Tyler Koenig, a junior running for Vice Prezsident. 

“In a silly way I've learned so many fonts, I can name tons of them. In a serious manner I've learned to not judge anyone, some of these people are my closest friends now I love them they’re so cool,” said Brooke Proctor. 

Elections are going on now for Font Club, this club has a very complex government structure. Some of the titles are President, Prezident, Preszident, and Prezsident, you can find the rest of positions on the Font Club website.

Of course if you are in font club you have to have a favorite font such as Mr.Shuirmans favorite Wingdings or maybe even Brooke Proctor's favorite Pangolin who thinks it is a sophisticated font.  

“We don't make fonts, we celebrate them. We all have favorite fonts, mine are the Harry Potter font and the Star Wars font,” said Tyler Koenig.           

If you need a place to be yourself and be creative, join Font Club they will always welcome you in. Yet make sure not to refer to it as a cult because that is one of their misdemeanors in the club.  

“We explain to people through chickens that we are not a cult,” said Mr.Shuirman.