CODA movie review

By Miriam Henderson (Opinions)
April 20, 2022

CODA is the emotional story of a hearing girl as she navigates High School, her passion, and having a deaf family.

A well made and heartwarming coming of age story, this movie follows Ruby (Emilia Jones), a CODA (Child Of Deaf Adults), as she finds her passion in singing.

The character of Ruby is well thought out and relatable to not only teenagers but also anyone with a deaf loved one.

She works on her family’s fishing boat before school to keep the fishing business running. 

When she joins the choir on a whim her whole life changes. 

With the choir teacher taking notice of her voice, Ruby is cast in a duet with her crush.

This creates an amount of romantic tension for those who enjoy rom-com energy.

At the same time her family starts a fishing co-op and she is needed to translate for her parents.

This story beautifully shows how, through strife and difference, a family can become stronger. Through this bond they can help the community around them. 

As conflicts arise Ruby has to choose between her family and what she loves to do most—singing. 

CODA ends with the bonds of Ruby’s family having been taken apart, examined, and put back together even tighter than before.