Bell schedule changes yet again

Andrew Burford
January 28, 2021

It’s the end of quarter two but there will be another change at the start of the next quarter. McNary will be changing its schedule.

Mr. Erik Jespersen McNarys principal said ¨this was a District (not McNary) decision to make sure all high schools were aligned with the same start and stop time for classes.” there does not however seem to be universal reason for the change to occur, simply to get all schools in the district onto the same schedule. One of the biggest changes is that advisory will be pushed back to just before lunch, this is because other schools in the district see the value and support that advisory offers. Jesperson said, “other high schools see the value of an advisory and for it to work best for them, they requested that the time change to combine “advisory” with a “family connection” time.”

Another reason Jesperson said was that, “moving Advisory to after the second period moves it from conflicting with AM LIPI ''(limited in person instruction). The change will hopefully gain participation from students and make the district more coordinated by following just one schedule.