Batman: a punching review

By Carson Tompkins (Opinion)

One of DC comics most famous heroes has hit the screen with a new gritty reboot. The Batman with Robert Pattinson playing Bruce Wayne was in theaters now and has been getting a lot of buzz.  Historically the Batman Movies have been one of the more profitable heroes for the DC franchise. 

This rugged reboot's main antagonist is a serial killer focused on exposing the secrets of Gothams highest class. This Batman movie is different from the Batman movies made previously, because we were not given an origin story of Bruce Wayne. In this movie we are put right into the timeline of this Batman's story, as we open to a Gotham already struck with fear that the Batman is lurking in the shadows ready to strike down criminals.

The director Matt Reeves had a high expectation to live up to with this movie after Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is the highest rated comic book movie of all time lead by Christian Bale as Bruce wayne. Christopher Nolan is known for his beautiful cinematography and The Dark Knight does not fail that measure. Even with all of this pressure Matt Reeves was able to produce a Batman with amazing cinematography and a captivating story.

The Bruce Wayne seen in this batman is much different from those in previous movies. Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne is secluded from his city and is rarely seen by the media and important Gotham political figures. With a Bruce Wayne that the audience was given in this movie it does not make sense for the movie to focus much on the bruce wayne aspect of things. 

The interactions seen in this movie perfectly set up villains and situations for future movies. Though in my opinion the third act of this movie was slightly stretched out as it creates many possibilities for subsequent Batman movies in a way that is not forced.