Back to in-school learning

Sophia Waldon
May 20, 2021

Coming back to school students roam familiar and unfaliler halls “School right now is awkward and online learning was more social.” said Priya Short.

“I like it more now, because it’s more comfortable," Odin Stoffers said.

All students have slightly different views on the drastic change. 

“It's easier to ask for help and in school I can socialize better now," said Jaydyn Carlson. 

“Online was harder to understand than now," said Avenly Gonzoles

 Most McNary students agreed that school is a whole lot better than doing everything digitally, even though they have to wear face masks 

“Zoom was bad and being back is great,” said Cole Nielsen.

“I got better grades when we went back to in-person school," Priya Short said.Most students would agree that in person is easier than online.