APT program puts on a fierce show

By Madi Lietz
May 2, 2022

The bands of McNary’s Audio Production Technology program rocked out on April 26 during their stage show. Six bands performed live and showcased a recorded song and music video. 

“This will be our best show yet,” said Andy Thomas, teacher of the APT program. “This is the best high quality music we have put on, the bands are killing it.” 

The bands Euphoric Dysphoria, Chemical Energy, Andromeda, No Comply, Jail House, and Flight all performed “throwback songs”. 

The APT program is about teaching kids how to work with audio, how to be in a band and how to put on a show. Everything needed to know about being in a concert. 

“I like the variety of opportunities we’re given, and the freedom,” said Zach Kilby, a junior.

Kilby is the lead singer and plays the guitar in his band No Comply. He was most excited about getting to play new songs in the showcase. 

The APT program was also excited about getting to use their brand new LED lighting system for the first time. It was $45,000 and they used it to add a colorful light show to their live performances. 

“Being back to live entertainment has been definitely the biggest joy for the class and me personally” said Thomas. 

For those wanting to work with any non traditional genre of music, the Audio Production Technology program has got you.