Abbie McKenzie: A mentor and leader

By Thalia Sloan
April 7, 2022

       Abbie McKenzie is a young life leader here at McNary, and an inspiring mentor for juniors and seniors. Mckenzie has been volunteering as an inspire mentor, since september of 2021; and she has also been an instructional assistant, bouncing from classroom to classroom. Mckenize has also coached track and field, and cross country.

Mckenize is 21 years old, and graduated from McNary Highschool as class of 2019. Mckenize is in the college and career center Tuesday mornings, first period. As an inspiring mentor she helps prepare students throughout their junior and senior year to help them configure their post graduation plans. Since Mckenize was once one of those juniors and seniors preparing for graduation , Rochelle Farris, a former McNary staff member, was a great help for Mckenize. Farris had given Mckenzie scholarships and opportunities she wasn't aware of. 

Mckenzie did take up some of these scholarships such as a Rotary scholarship and a National scholarship from Elks Lodge. Students at Mcnary can also have the possibility of these opportunities as college and career has many handouts, pantalets, and support. This support can vary “depending on what students are looking for '' for example if a student is looking for a scholarship. Although college and career focuses more so on juniors and seniors, college and career is available for all grades 9 - 12. Mckenzie 100% recommends reaching out for support whether you are an upper or lower classmen ``yes 100%”. 

Mckenzie found that it was a bit easier with someone “kind of holding my hand “ throughout the process. Mckenzie is glad that she  can assist other fellow Celtic students to prepare and strive for their futures. “I'm glad I can help them through post graduation planning” , said Abbie Mckenzie. Getting ready to become an adult ,go to college, and figure out what you want to do and be in life can be a lot to juggle or “kinda freaky”. Most students are freaked out about graduating and college but some wise words from Mckenzie state “ don't feel pressured to know what you want to do “.

As mentioned before Mckenzie is a young life leader, Young Life is an organization that works with middle schoolers and high schoolers. Its platform is built upon telling kids about the Bible, getting to know each other and overall having a safe place with adults you can trust. A young life gives not only kids an opportunity to connect but a way  to  kind of walk students through  life and be a  "shoulder to cry on " . Young life has many programs such as the summer, fall, and winter camp; they also have events on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings. Mckenzie enjoys working as a leader to help the youth better succeed with the much-needed support during times such as middle school and high school. She enjoys Making Connections in getting to know students at McNary but also being involved at Young Life getting to know and help  the youth.

You can get connected with McKenzie through student square or better yet coming on down to the College and Career Center and talking to Kimberly Conolly. Mrs. Connolly Can assist you with getting in touch with McKenzie or even requesting an Inspire mentor.