A game thats been polished for over a decade: Skyrim, does it hold up?

By Therin Barnett (Opinion)
February 19, 2023

Skyrim hit the world by storm all the way back on November 11. 2011 and for over a decade has been re-released no less than six times. But does it hold up today? From gameplay, story, and secrets, it is well worth playing if you haven’t and replaying if you are not already.

The Elder scrolls five: Skyrim is named after the province of Skyrim on the continent of Tamriel, where ancient dragons have returned, a civil war is raging, everything is in disarray, and only you can fix the problems going on.

The combat is probably the weakest element of the game, but by no means is it bad. Weapons will swing slower or faster based on its weapon class, but that can be confusing for people newer to skyrim and games especially, if it is heavier it will swing slower. Each weapon can have an enchantment or two that will catch the target on fire, drain their health and add it to your own, or paralyze a target.

Armor in Skyrim is important, it helps keep you alive, but it is a double edged sword, heavier armor will take up inventory and potentially make you slower in game, it is a balance of finding which armor is light and protects you.

The magic system is not the deepest, but it is expansive and engaging, from slinging fireballs, summoning creatures, and lifting up objects with telekinesis. There is tons of fun to be had with the spells in the province of Skyrim.

The province of Skyrim is filled to the brim with secrets and interactions within the world itself and with the player; NPC’s (Non-Player-Characters) will occasionally comment on what armor your character is wearing or tools and magic you are using. 

Guards will ask you to surrender if you commit a crime instead of immediately attacking unless you attack another NPC, and even then if you sheathe your weapons they will ask you to surrender, Skyrim is filled to the brim with these interactions.

The skill tree system is a new approach to the Elder scrolls series. With 18 skill trees in total, each one has perks to improve your characters like enchanting items, crafting potions, sneaking, archery, and more.

Eventually you can reach the cap of 100 for each skill and become jack of all trades AND master of all. The perks increase the potency of enchantments and potions, increase the damage you deal or decrease the sound you make when wearing armor.