1 Week: 2 Assemblies

By Xander O’Krakel
September 21, 2022

There will be two assemblies next week on Monday 26 and Friday 30.

Friday’s assembly will be a pep assembly.

The games are still undetermined until the Friday Assembly, however, as of now the games that will be played are: Tug-of-War, Not My Hands, and The Class Cheer contest.

Each grade has been instructed to wear a different color for the assembly as a part of spirit week leading up to homecoming. Black and gold for the freshman, purple for the sophomores, white for the juniors, and pink for the seniors.

There will be no athletic announcements at the assembly however, there is rumored to be a coronation announcement and  a surprise event announcement also.

The Monday assembly will include announcements regarding the Homecoming coronation and Homecoming court.