1-1-1 basketball club

Aubrianna Cabral
November 14, 2021

After finishing up the first six weeks of our new 1-1-1 period, basketball seemed to be one of the largest clubs containing around 120 people. 

There were several teachers who all took in students that would end up playing together in both of the games. The teachers who were a part of the club were Cleary, Everitt, Doran, and Connor. Each of them had around 20-30 students they had to take attendance for before heading into the gym. 

Throughout the six weeks there were half court games with teams randomized until people decided who they would want to be on teams with. From there the teams played together every week and if you won the half court games, you advanced towards the king court. By the end of the six weeks the students had gotten to play full court games that were more or less competitive depending on where they wanted to play. 

Some students talked about the club and the things they liked and disliked about this club as well as the reasoning behind choosing to be in the basketball club. 

 ¨Basketball is my life¨ Jordan Lagrone, a McNary senior, said. This being her reasoning for forecasting this club. She liked it alot although the set up was a little weird with the games. It was almost completely filled by just boys in the club besides two girls including Jordan who played. 

With this sport being a big part of her life, this was an easy choice. ¨Basketball was my first pick because I was able to play pickup basketball games during school and have fun and I thought that was pretty cool¨ Osmid Cano, a junior also in the club, said. 

 ¨The atmosphere is really good¨ Jordan said. Although there was a lower amount of communication since people in the club are not all familiar with one another.

 More competitive games were played downstairs while less competitive games were upstairs. The girls that were in the club she thought fit in well when it came to playing games with the guys. 

One of the only main problems in the club was just it being new so keeping it organized with games was difficult as well as trying to make sure masks were kept on while the students were playing. Trying to just make sure everyone knows their teams and what court they need to be on would take a chunk of the time for the club which was something that there was an issue with. But once it was a few weeks in, they got into a rhythm and everything picked up more.

¨I feel like there should´ve been more girls so there could´ve been more girls to play against one another because sometimes it was a bit unfair¨ Osmid said.

Although it is the first year of adding 1-1-1 to our new schedule, this club seems to be a success and a great opportunity for making new friends, learning team skills, and possibly getting ready for the upcoming season.