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Students: If you are interested in running for the second round of ASB elections, there will be a meeting, May 5th, at 2:30 in room 244 with Emily Phelps. The positions for the second round are ASB Vice President, Community Service Chairperson, Public Relations Official, Secretary Treasurer, 2 Senior Reps, 2 Junior Reps, and 2
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First Round ASB Elections

First round ASB elections are this Thursday. Voting will be done during 2nd period classes. Everyone is encouraged to vote for who they intrust to be McNary’s next student leadership. Offices Up for Voting: ASB President Austin Brown Hakam Nagra Veronica Sarun Senior President Haley Debban Ryan Wagner Junior President Abbie Mackenzie Abbie Hawley Sophomore
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd round of ASB elections

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd round of ASB elections Hakam Nagra- ASB Vice Pres. Sydney Hamilton and Haley Debban- Community service chair people Rachel Martin- Public Relations Officer Katie Crossley and Jessy Shore- Junior class reps Abbie McKenzie and Abbie Hawley- Sophomore class reps  

Jessy Shore Running for Junior Rep

Hey, class of 2018, you all are the best! Way to stick with it and never give up! Take a step in the direction and, vote for me as one of next year’s junior class reps on May 27th! Let’s all stick together and become one this year for a killer junior year! Remember, vote
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Abbie Hawley and Abbie Running for Sophomore class reps

We’re Abbie Hawley and Abbie McKenzie and we are running for your sophomore class reps. We’re pumped to share our great ideas to sophomore year rad. We’re aiming for the best class spirit around! With that we hope to make next year one for books. #voteheelclick

Gabby Schmit Running For Public Relations Officer

Gabby Schmit, a junior this year, is running for Public Relations Officer! Gabby has been in the McNary leadership program for 3 years now and has worked very closely with the Public Relations committee. She has also worked on producing content for McNary’s social media accounts and new web site. When Gabby’s not at school
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Tarik Naccasha Running For ASB Vice Pres.

Celtics please if you are trying to have the best year in your LIFE at McNary High School please vote for ya boy Tarik Naccasha to be your ASB Vice President so I can be in CHARGE of Spirit and keeping ALL OF MCNARY AS HYPED UP FOR THE YEAR OF 2017!!!!!

Rachel Martin Running for Public Relations

Hi, my name is Rachel Martin and I am running for Public Relations. As a freshman, I never knew when events were until I joined leadership. That is what I want to change. I want the whole entire student body to be aware of what events are coming up and what themes there are for
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2nd Round ASB Elections are coming soon! Start checking out the awesome posters around the school to see who you want to be your next ASB Vice President, Community service chair person, Public Relations official, and class reps. The election will be May 27th during 6th period.

2nd Round ASB Election Meeting

The positions open for 2nd round ASB elections are: ASB Vice President Class representatives Community Service Chairperson Secretary Treasurer Public Relations Officer There will be an informational meeting in Mr. Borresen’s room, #244 at 2:30 this Thursday, April 14th