“Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read,” Groucho Marx

Mr. Ryan Somerville has been teaching at McNary since 2007. He teaches Newspaper, AVID 3, Creative Writing 1, and English 10 in room 140. Mr. Somerville collects comics, makes model airplanes, and plays guitar; he is the lead singer and guitarist for the punk rock band Wire Monkey Mama. He has attended The Ohio State University, Northern Illinois University, and Grand Canyon University.

Here is his class schedule:

  • Period 1: Fundamentals of Journalism
  • Period 2: Prep
  • Period 3: English 10/Study Hall
  • Period 4: English 10
  • Period 5: News Productions
  • Period 6: Prep
  • Period 7: English 10/Classroom Aide
  • Period 8: English 10/AVID IV

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