“The only new thing in the world is the history you don’t know,” Harry S. Truman

Mr. John Mangan has been teaching German at McNary since 1988. He teaches first through fourth year German in room 138. He enjoys biking, hiking, cross country skiing, playing the piano, and woodworking. He has attended Willamette University, University of Munich, Technical University of Munich, Portland State University, and Western Oregon University, but not before graduating from McNary in 1978. He met his wife, Martina, while attending the University of Munich, and they married in Germany.

Here is his class schedule:

  • Period 1: German 1
  • Period 2: German 1
  • Period 3: Prep
  • Period 4: German 1
  • Period 5: German 3
  • Period 6: German 2
  • Period 7: Prep
  • Period 8: German 1

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