“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future,” Theodore Roosevelt

Mr. David Holcomb has been teaching at McNary since 2016. He teaches World Geography and American Government in room 219. Mr. Holcomb is an alum of Corban and Western Oregon Universities. He enjoys backpacking, hiking, traveling, playing sports, reading, and running. He has a daughter named Addison, and a wife with whom he loves to travel.

Here is his class schedule:

  • Period 1: Prep
  • Period 2: Ap Human Geography
  • Period 3:Ap Human Geography
  • Period 4: Ap Human Geography
  • Period 5: Prep
  • Period 6: World Geography
  • Period 7: World Geography
  • Period 8: Ap Human Geography

His class website can be found at holcombmhs.weebly.com

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