“Integrity is doing what is right when no one is watching.”

Mr. Brad Emmert has been teaching at McNary since 2015. He teaches English 9, Psychology, AP Psychology, and 20th Centuries Studies 1 in room 241. Mr. Emmert is also a football coach for McNary. He attended Oregon State University, Western Oregon University, and Willamette University. He has four kids, two of them twins, and a wife he loves to spend time with. He previously taught at Silverton High School for nine years and loves to read and listen to music.

Here is his class schedule:

  • Period 1: AP Psych (room 204)
  • Period 2: AP Psych (room 204)
  • Period 3: AP Psych
  • Period 4: Prep
  • Period 5: AP Psych (room 241)
  • Period 6: AP Psych (room 241)
  • Period 7: AP Psych (room 241)
  • Period 8: Prep

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