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Schedule Change Requests and Restrictions

The last day to request Semester 1 schedule changes is Thursday, August 31st. To request a change, go to


  1. Missing period/need class
  2. Wrong level
  3. Conflict in schedule (for example, two 3rd period classes)
  4. Pre-requisite needed (for example, Art II without Art I, or Art I and Art II at the same time)
  5. Already passed the class
  • In order to participate in athletics, a student must have regular attendance, be enrolled in at least five classes, and have passed at least five classes the previous semester.
  • Freshmen and sophomores are required to be enrolled in eight classes each semester. Juniors and seniors in good standing may take releases but must be enrolled in a minimum of four classes.
    • Note:
      • Releases are not available during periods 5 or 6.
      • Unless they rely on school bus transportation, students on release may not be on campus at that time. Those who arrive by school bus must spend release in the Celt Center (room 159).
    • Juniors applying for early graduation must submit an application no later than the end of Semester 1.
    • The last day to drop a Semester 1 class without penalty of F is Friday, September 29.

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