Tardy Policy

We want to be proactive in creating a positive learning environment for all of our students. A critical area we want to improve is reducing chronic tardiness. McNary has a tardy policy that helps all students develop positive habits as they work to be college and career ready upon graduating from high school.

As we continue to help all students be college and career ready, it is important that we are prompt, prepared, and primed for learning every day. Role models should talk to students about the importance of being on time.

McNary High School Tardy Policy:
Students who are unexcused late to class will fill out a form that will indicate why they are late and what they need to do in order to avoid being late again. Campus monitors, teachers and administrators can help students who need assistance developing successful strategies for getting to class on time.


Students who have more than one tardy per day will be assigned after school detention from 2:30 to 3:15.
Students will read or study during detention. No phones or electronic devices will be allowed.


Students who are tardy to the first period of the day, periods 1 or 5, twice in one week will also be assigned after school detention.
Students who have excessive tardies, are removed from detention, or skip class to avoid detention are subject to more severe consequences.