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McNary falls prey to theft and vandalism

By Random Pendragon

Over the past year, the McNary High School athletic department has faced a series of vandalisms and burglaries. Mr. Ron Richards, McNary’s Athletic Director, said that the athletic garage was broken into, and the school’s utility Gator vehicle was stolen and vandalized — the repairs of which are expected to cost almost $15,000. This is in addition to a golf cart that was stolen and later found in the Willamette River. These vehicles are important for McNary’s sports teams: “our athletic trainer uses them to get medical supplies and bring them to the field.” The loss of the vehicles makes athletes’ days harder– “instead of practicing, they’re doing field work.” All seven lacrosse nets were also vandalized, with replacements costing “$175 to $200 each,” according to the club’s YouCaring crowdfunding page.

“The concession stand has been broken into four times… costing $1,000 to $2,000 in damages,”

-Ron Richards

He noted that in these break- ins, the replacement of locks and windows is more restricted. This had a direct impact costly than the loss in product. F o r students: these break- ins make the school lock the stadium, reducing accessibility to the looking for someone to donate stadium which “used to be open for community use.” According to Richards, the availability of the stadium and soccer goals will continue to become more on Friday the 7th, when the closing of the stadium caused a delay during the school’s evacuation. “We’re in the process of putting alarms in our exterior buildings,” Richards added, “[and] looking to get cameras to identify suspects.” While the vehicles are out of commission, Coach Jordan Keeker has been borrowing a vehicle for use on the baseball field. In the meantime, the department is towards getting the vehicles back on the field.

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