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Updated Staff Directory

Good afternoon, Celts! Many of you have been concerned about the poor formatting on the staff directory page, but worry no more! The entire staff page has been revamped to include links to each teacher’s email address. You can check it out HERE. If there are any more problems with the McNary website, please leave
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Mr. Holcomb, a new addition to McNary’s staff

By: Ashley Moores of the McNary Piper Mr. David Holcomb is the newest addition to the McNary High School staff. He is a devoted teacher to his students, and he really cares about each and every one of them. He shares a special bond with his students. He learned the feeling of how special a
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The staff had some fun doing professional development on Friday, building on the power of the team groups of teachers tried their hardest to hold a marshmallow high in the air using only 20 spaghetti sticks, 1 yard of tape and 1 yard of string. Every staff member was a winner for working through this
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Today Is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today is Substitute Teacher Appreciation Day! If you see a substitute in your classroom or office, please make sure you let them know that you appreciate them today and every day.