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First Round ASB Elections

First round ASB elections are this Thursday. Voting will be done during 2nd period classes. Everyone is encouraged to vote for who they intrust to be McNary’s next student leadership. Offices Up for Voting: ASB President Austin Brown Hakam Nagra Veronica Sarun Senior President Haley Debban Ryan Wagner Junior President Abbie Mackenzie Abbie Hawley Sophomore
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Students, please put any loose change you have in the Pennies for Patients box in your second period class; this is an important fundraiser that provides money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Did you know that every 3mins someone in the US is diagnosed with blood cancer? OR that every 9mins someone in the
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Pep Assembly Themes For April 14th

There will be a pep assembly on Friday, April 14th and will be an AM assembly. Be ready to support your class and dress for the occasion. Class Themes: Freshmen – color out Sophomores – beach Juniors – pink out Seniors – blue out Germans – black out


There is an AM pep assembly on March 22nd! Here are the class themes: Freshmen- Shade Out (Blacks/Greys) Sophomores- USA (Red/White/Blue) Juniors- Luau Party (Floral) Seniors- St. Patricks (Green Out) Make sure to dress appropriately to support you class! Go Celts!

Outfit Themes-Feb 24th Pep Assembly

  Our current themes are: Freshmen – College Out Sophomores-  Pink Out Juniors- Tie Dye Seniors– Black/Gold Out

Living History Day

Living history day is on November. 10th! Please make sure to be respectful to our veterans and dress nicely(nice shirt and nice pants). Please don’t wear any flags on your outfit, as the veterans think it is disrespectful. Also, as the veterans may possibly make an appearance in your classroom to talk of their experiences,
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Homecoming Dance

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind of you are planning on attending homecoming: Remember that you can only bring a date to homecoming that goes to McNary. Please bring exact change for payment to enter at the dance. To get into the dance with ASB, it will cost $5, without
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Spirit Week

What better way to celebrate homecoming week than with 5 days of school spirit! Every day leading up to homecoming will be a day where we come together as a school and show our pride through dressing in wacky, extravagant, and AMESOME costumes! For the week of September 19-23 the themes will be: Monday (9/19)
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Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd round of ASB elections

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd round of ASB elections Hakam Nagra- ASB Vice Pres. Sydney Hamilton and Haley Debban- Community service chair people Rachel Martin- Public Relations Officer Katie Crossley and Jessy Shore- Junior class reps Abbie McKenzie and Abbie Hawley- Sophomore class reps  

Jessy Shore Running for Junior Rep

Hey, class of 2018, you all are the best! Way to stick with it and never give up! Take a step in the direction and, vote for me as one of next year’s junior class reps on May 27th! Let’s all stick together and become one this year for a killer junior year! Remember, vote
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