Scholarship Resource


Online databases are great way to help narrow your scholarship search. Using these scholarship search databases you will be able to enter specific information about yourself and scholarship results are generated that match your academic background, interests and affiliations you are connected with in your school or community.

Oregon CIS

OSAC (Office of Student Access and Completion) For more information about how to complete the OSAC Scholarship click HERE

Oregon Goes to College – College Cash Campaign

College Board



It might seem a bit “old school,” yet scholarship books are a great resource when searching for scholarships. Often online scholarship databases try and make “educated guesses” on the scholarships they pull up for you based on all the information you have given them. There may be some scholarships that fit perfectly, yet might be looked over in an on-line search.

The College and Career Center has Ultimate Scholarship Book, Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants and Prizes, the “College Board’s Scholarship Handbook” and other scholarship application resources waiting for you to browse at the College and Career Center.


As you narrow your college lists your junior year, begin to request information from individual colleges you are interested in. Most colleges have scholarships available to incoming freshman. Some are merit based, some may be based on need or a specific program you intend to study, and some are from private donors and alumni foundations at the school .  Make sure you note scholarship deadlines!


Civic organizations, businesses and religious organizations often give back to their community by providing local students scholarship opportunities. The College and Career Center will have a list of local  community scholarships available for McNary students.