Sophomore Checklist

Welcome to your sophomore year of high school! This is a year you have  many things to look forward to. As you continue to become more involved and connected at McNary High School, you are becoming more familiar with the ways McNary is preparing you to be WORLD CLASS in everything you do; including academic excellence, activity involvement and community service. You will begin testing this year, taking your PSAT in the fall and possibly begin to narrow your college and career possibilities. Enjoy this year and use your time wisely as you continue to prepare and plan for your future!


Continue to strive for academic excellence this year. By the end of the year you will have made the halfway point of your high school career. Ask questions, stay organized, study and work hard to maintain a strong GPA.


Come see Mrs. Farris in the College and Career Center or search online to learn what colleges or career schools require for admission. You still have time to take additional classes to strengthen your application to your top choice schools. Also remember to continue your involvement in school and community activities, clubs and sports.


You will take the PSAT during the month of October.  You may prepare for this test by using practice tests available to you for FREE in your Oregon CIS (Career Information System) After signing into CIS, continue to your portfolio, click on the “Helpful Tools” Tab and then the “Learning Express – practice tests” tab. Continue to the College Prep Center and then choose PSAT practice test and begin.  Using this tool, in the years to come, you will also be able to practice for the ACT, SAT, and many AP tests. This also has great information to help you will writing College Admissions Essays.

OREGON CIS (Career Information System)

Continue to work on your Personal Education Plan (PEP). Consider and begin to identify specific goals for after high school graduation. Attend CIS workshops in the College and Career Center as available.  

You should continue building a strong activities resume using CIS to record activities, clubs, sports you are involved in Leadership and awards you have received also can be recorded in CIS. Remember, you will be able to retrieve and use all of this information to use in scholarship applications, college admissions or on career resumes. The more consistently you update CIS, the less you will have to do your Junior and Senior year as you work to complete your applications.

All experiences you have volunteering  you should keep updated in CIS.  Anything from fundraising for charitable organizations, helping at a local benefit,  serving/spending time at a local senior center or volunteering in your church. The sky’s the limit for volunteer community/service experiences, be creative and participate in volunteer experiences that you are personally excited about!



You are beginning to explore college options this year. Make sure you attend the College and Career Fairs put on by our district in the Fall and Spring.  Do you want to attend a 2 year or 4 year college? What are the differences between private and public universities? What about financial aid? All of these questions may become a lot more clear after you and your family are able to speak and ask specific questions to college representatives. Come check it out! Our College and Career Center will have information and dates posted for these events as they are scheduled. This event is highly recommended for sophomores, juniors and seniors.



Have fun this summer considering what schools you might be interested in attending. College planning can be a lot of fun! Begin to go to those school websites directly and get information about campus life, financial aid and scholarships available. If you are unsure of where to start, use your CIS account to search colleges, universities, trade schools and career options.

Another thing you can begin this summer is researching scholarships that you may want to apply for.  There are lots of scholarships out there…some based on personal interests, merit, need, volunteer or leadership experience. Begin a list of the scholarships you want to apply for and create a calendar for yourself noting deadlines and application requirements.

You may want to consider getting a summer job. Not only can you begin to save money for college related expenses, but you will be building your resume and getting workplace experience.