Freshman Checklist

Freshman Checklist

Welcome to McNary High School! You are beginning your final race to your K-12 educational journey and preparing for life after high school begins now! College or career may still be 4 years away, but your freshman year is a critical year to begin setting yourself up for success.  You are laying the foundation for your college applications, possible scholarships and resumes for future careers beginning your freshman year.  Below are the things that you need to be thinking about this year to begin preparing for the future.


Work hard and do your absolute best in each and every class you take. Make sure you communicate  with your teachers and ask for help in subjects that are more difficult for you. Remember, keeping your grades up now will help you not have to play “catch up” your junior and senior years when you realize how important those grades are when you are completing your college applications.


Consider your strengths and focus on fulfilling graduation requirements early.  It’s important to take your core classes including English, Math, Science, Languages, and Social Studies. Many universities will give additional weight to AP or Honors classes you complete, however if you feel your GPA may suffer, you may want to find a balance to the number of advanced classes you take. Your high school counselor can meet with you to help navigate your class schedule options and make sure over the next 4 years that you are on track for graduation and the goals you have for your future.


It is a proven fact that students who become involved in activities, sports, music programs and student clubs in high school are the most successful.  Find something you enjoy and a place to belong. McNary has so many options for you. Take a look and get involved – here. 

Activities, whether in school or outside of school are an important part of your college application and future resumes. Being involved in a variety of activities helps give you balance when colleges, scholarship boards or employers are considering you. Also, you may want to consider picking a few activities to get more involved in over the next 4 years, rather than being involved in “everything” but nothing with very much depth.

Community service is also another way to build your activities resume. Both future employers and colleges are truly impressed that you spend time and energy serving in your community. Consider your options and get involved!



Mrs. Farris is here to help you navigate and prepare for college and career options. Make sure you plan on becoming familiar with the College and Career Center. Attend after school workshops, pop in during your lunches to spend time researching a career or college you might be interested in or just discussing your college and career goals. Familiarize yourself  and begin utilizing tools in the Oregon CIS (Career Information System).

OREGON CIS (Career Information System)

Each freshman student will be introduced to the Oregon CIS (Career Information System) during McNary’s October College Readiness Day and you may also use the College and Career Center as a place to research and utilize the tools in the CIS system to create your Personal Education Plan (PEP), keep track of all the activities and community service you are involved, and access information on careers and colleges. This system is an amazing tool that you should become very familiar with and use over the next 4 years as you prepare for college applications and use to help create resumes for jobs.

You will use the CIS system heavily as you research careers and begin applying to colleges so get to know the system now!


It is never too early to begin visiting colleges you might be interested in attending after high school. When your family is traveling on vacations or visiting a new city, always consider what colleges are around. Even if you just drive through or take a walk on campus, it’s a great opportunity to get a feel for what type of college campus you might want to attend in the future. The more you visit, the better you will know when it comes time to actually apply.


Summer months can be some of the most productive months to build your activities resume. Find something you are interested in and become invested. Whether it’s sports, church groups, missions, social groups, or community service  opportunities use your time wisely. You may also want to consider finding a summer job or ask if you can job shadow or intern in a career that you are considering for your future.