Career Exploration

McNary encourages all students to research and consider all career path options during their years in high school. Our world is full of opportunities and we want students to find a path that suits their strengths, personality and future goals. It’s never too early to start considering future career goals!

OREGON CIS (Career Information System)

The College and Career Center along with McNary High School Counselors, teachers and staff use the Oregon CIS to provide resources, tools and information to guide students through their college and career planning. All students at McNary should have a profile created to help students create a Personal Education Plan (PEP) which allows students to define their personal strengths, determine educational and career goals and maintain an Activities, Service and Employment Resume.

Career and employment information is readily available in CIS. It give students the opportunity to consider and research a variety of careers; looking at employment projections, statistics and growth rates of occupations. Students can also gather the most recently reported wage data for occupations in Oregon. Licensing and Certification requirements for occupations are also readily available.


Salem-Keizer school district gives students the opportunity to get hands on experience and training through the Career Technical Education Center (CTEC). Students who are academically on track for graduation can choose to apply as a junior or senior to the CTEC program.  Currently the programs offered to students include: Commercial Manufacturing, Residential Construction, Cosmetology, 3D Design for Game & Television Production, Automotive/Collision Repair and Unmanned Autonomous Systems. 

2018-19 CTEC will add: Public Safety and Business Management

2019-20 CTEC will add: Agri-Science and Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management

CTEC Mission:

Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) will prepare students for high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers while developing the skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience to assure their success upon graduation.

This program is a phenomenal way for students interested in a career tech program to get hands on education and experience while still in high school. This will allow students to experiment with a potential career path and gain practical on the job training in a high demanding career that can take with into a high-wage job or positively help them transition to post-secondary education and college.


There are a variety of career and technical education courses offered at McNary High School to allow students the opportunity to explore possible career options. Many classes also offers students the ability to gain college credit for their classes they successfully complete at McNary.

Career and Technical education classes that are currently being offered at McNary: