FBLA stands for future Business Leaders of America. it is a professional organization reaching out to enrolled high school students with the intent to bring together business and education through leadership and opportunities.

    Here at McNary high school FBLA is a club where we want students to walk out being more employable. we meet once a month and help students with their professional skills, like how to create a resume that will be different from everyone else. We teach students how to have firm hand shakes and make eye contact, we also focus on improving students strength in their ability to create and carry a meaningful conversation.
Part of FBLA is competing in competitions against different schools across Oregon. FBLA also offers different events for chapters to attend such as OLLI (Oregon leadership institute) where students get to meet many different people and make connections and build skills. They offer many different workshops teaching you how to be a better leader, how to plan a successful event, how to mange money better and so much more.
We just came back from our state competition in Portland Oregon where Abbie Mckensie and Paige Roles took 5th in entrepreneurship, Tyler Sorenson and Marc Baiza placed 5th in sports and entertainment management, and Josiah Gilbert placed 9th in accounting 2. Suni Payne was voted as the new 2016 – 2017 Willamette valley regional vice president.
   In FBLA its not just about business all the time, we also take trips and have fun. Last week we went to Nike campus and we also went to a blazers game.