Media Productions


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What is McNary Media Production about?

Course Sequence:

Film Appreciation – 9th – 12th

This course explores the history of film and strives to create an understanding of film theory that students could later apply to productions in classes like Video Productions. The content of the class consists of lectures, note taking, film screenings and journal writing. Students w/ strong writing and listening skills do best in this class.

Intro to Digital Media – 9th – 12th

This course explores a variety of digital media tools and emphasizes the basic principles of design while students work with the digital art tools. Students create projects in MS Word, Photoshop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro that demonstrate an understanding of software tools as well as principles of art. Students w/ a willingness to tackle new experiences and patience for craftsmanship do well in this class. Success in this class is a good indication of who will be able to move into Digital Arts 1 or Video Productions.

Video Productions – S2,9th – 12th

This course explores the basics of writing, shooting and editing videos. Students plan projects using writing strategies then work in groups to capture the story on video. Video footage is transferred to computers where students use Final Cut Prod to arrange shots, manipulate audio and create special effects to create a engaging finished product. Success in this class is determined by a student’s ability to focus during work time and creatively tell a story.

Advanced Video Productions – 10th – 12th (VP Required) Can Repeat

This course explores the use of professional equipment in the production industry. Students plan projects with strategies similar VP but will use high quality cameras, microphones and lights to execute the production. This class has a greater emphasis on technical skills and equipment than VP. Success in this class is determined by a student’s interest in technology and ability to stay focused on current production needs.

Media Production Workshop – 10th – 12th (IDM or VP Required) Frequently Repeated

This course provides students the opportunity to work within a production environment and collaborate with classmates to create the weekly Celtic Network News. Each week students review content for a show, produce packages for the show, then record their contributions on a class spreadsheet. Success in this class is determined by a students ability to envision intriguing content and the student’s dedication to the success of the product created weekly by the “team”!

Media Production Internship – 11th – 12th (MPW or Teacher Invite Required) Frequently Repeated

This course is for students taking MPW for the second time. As a student w/ experience they have an opportunity to take on a leadership role and tackle larger collaborative projects that benefit the school and/or the community. *This class title may be used to for I.S. students or students taking on special digital marketing duties for the school.

Digital Marketing and Production – S2 9th – 12th Frequently Repeated

This course will cover strategies and tools for using digital arts to produce media for an electronic marketing campaign (this currently includes, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and McNary’s WordPress Website). Students will be asked to use design, photo and video tools to promote the McNary Brand. They will need to participate in organization strategies and production management to collaborate with other students in class to cover content on a weekly basis. Students interested in a career in graphic design, photography, or video productions will do well in this class.