The McNary wrestling program take great pride in developing wrestlers of all abilities, shapes and sizes.

The wrestling staff consists of the head coach Jason Ebbs, his assistants Dick Creighton, Jay Goin, Devin Reynolds, Chris Stahl, Keith Grunberg, and Mike Connor. Ebbs, when asked about his goals for the team said, “get the kids from McNary to try wrestling. It’s true, wrestling is tough, but the rewards are amazing!I have heard so many people come back and say, “I should have wrestled!” There is enough talent walking in the hallways of McNary right now that we could be a threat to win a district title every year, and we could be a top 10 team in the State every year! We must start giving our kids the courage to try our sport and they will see that hard work pays off!” Ebbs also went on to say, “All things considered, McNary Wrestling has been top 3 in our league for 10 straight years! We have created a culture of success year after year. If you have the courage, we would love to have you join in on the journey and be a part of something great! We really hope to see you at practice in November! We hope to see 90 to 100 kids out for wrestling this year!” Coach Ebbs would also like people to know that Wrestling is the most natural sport and can be learned and taught. Many sports are skill based and rely on a set of athletic skills to be successful. We are a ‘no cut’ sport so we get to work with our athletes all season long and help them improve. Many times, the best wrestler at a weight will change throughout the season as our athletes improve and grow.

Last year (2015-16) we were 7-1 in varsity duals (2nd place in league). Our season also ends in an individual district tournament where each school is allowed to enter 2 people per weight. Due to some late season injuries last year and some unfortunate circumstances, McNary only represented 19 of the 28 spots on the roster at this event but we still finished in 3rd place with a very young group of kids that are all coming back! We expect to build on those numbers and that finish this year! If you would like to see or learn more about wrestling then visit the McNary Wrestling Facebook page or their website.


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