Cross Country

The McNary cross country program strives each individual trying to be the absolute best that they can be at all times.

The cross country staff consists of the head coach Rob Wood and his assistant Kyle Rose. Wood, when asked about him goals for the team said, “My goals are to keep building the program through participation and having each and every athlete reach their potential.” This last season both the girls and the boys finished with a record of 3 wins and 5 loses. Coach Wood also said, “The preparation for the season is almost more important than the workouts during the season.” Other unique aspects of cross country are that everyone makes the team, everyone competes the entire contest (there is no bench), and everyone is pushed to achieve their potential. The team captains for the boys from last season where Angel Goemaere, Jesse Honeyman, and Wyatt Grine and for the girls where Kailey Doutt and Alison Repp. If you would like to see or learn more about cross country then visit McNary XC facebook page or the website.